The following Bitches are Inactive/Foundation Bitches. Please click on the dog's name to view her picture and pedigree.


Raebark's Cayenne OFA H&E
Cayenne is a Black and Red female out of Bonnie and Max. She is an outstanding producer who is nearing retirement. Cayenne is pictured at 8 1/2 years of age.
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Raebark's Chaotic Reflection, OFA H&E
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Raebark's Classy Lady
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Raebark's Donnazetti
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Raebark's Feather Flight, OFA H&E
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Raebark's Flicka, OFA H&E
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Raebark's Flurried Fiend. She is a silver sable longcoat.
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Raebark's Jazzy Jade.
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Raebark's Sheer Elegance, OFA H&E
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Raebark's Venus, OFA H&E
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Raebark's Winter Storm, OFA H&E
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Raebark's Wintry Blast, OFA
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Raebark's Zyrina
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Regalwise Raebark's Ringleader
"Ringer" is a daughter of Gambler & Frenzy. She is a producer of very nice quality whites.
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Regalwise Terrific
"Riffy" is a daughter of Priscilla & Rion.
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Breezy Hills Nikki OFA H&E
Nikki was out of very well known American show lines. She was an excellent producer of progeny who in turn also are excellent producers! Pedigree Database: "Nikki"

Detmer's Bonnie Blue Butler, OFA Hips and Elbows.
"Bonnie" was a showy black and tan from solid AKC show lines. She was an excellent producer of high quality typey progeny who are excellent producers too. Pedigree Database: "Bonnie"

J-Glen's Ipanema Eclipse OFA Hips and Elbows.
"Nema" was a good-looking solid black from top quality show bloodlines.

Raebark's Argent Onyx, OFA 'Good' Hips & Elbows.
"Onyx" was a silver color with a black blanket from Kitty & Mystery. Pedigree Database: "Onyx"

Raebark's Blazing Spangler "Spangler" OFA H&E.
A black & tan sable, Spangler is another daughter of Sparkler & Dragon. Pedigree Database: "Spangler"

Raebark's Blazing Sparkler "Sparkler" OFA Hips and Elbows.
A large long-coated red/black sable, and dam of "Freighter", "Flash" and "Bounce". Pedigree Database: "Sparkler"

Raebark's Busy Hunting Trouble OFA H/E.
"Busy" was a striking silver sable sister to Mystery. Pedigree Database: "Busy"

Raebark's Caring Reflection, OFA H&E
"Carey" is a daughter of Onyx & Ryker. Pedigree Database: "Carey"

Raebark's Charismatic Cat OFA
Kitty was a black/tan agouti (sable) of elegant type and beautiful feminine head. She was feline in tastes, as she absolutely hated to get her feet wet or dirty! Pedigree Database: "Kitty"

Raebark's Cinnamon Snap, OFA Hips and Elbows.
"Cinnamon" was a rich dark black/red sable possessing genetic strength and health. Pedigree Database: "Cinnamon"

Raebark's Cinnamon Twist
"Twister" was a black & red bicolor daughter of Cinnamon and Odie. Pedigree Database: "Twister"

Raebark's Cunning Cobra CGC OFA H&E.
Cobra was a black/tan agouti who combined the best of both of her parents in strength and soundness. She had a number of outstanding progeny and proved to be following in her dam's footsteps in producing a high percentage of good hips. Pedigree Database: "Cobra"

Raebark's Danica V Haus Biarne. OFA H&E. Out of China and Ryker. Pedigree Database: "Danika"

Raebark's Diamond Crystal OFA H&E, "DI".
She was a striking silver/black sable. Pedigree Database: "Di"

Raebark's Dynamyte, OFA H&E
"Bite" is a daughter of Saucy and Mystery and littermate to Wizard. Very athletic. Pedigree Database: "Bite"

Raebark's Evening Sunset, OFA H&E
"Sunny" was a red sable bitch from Meg and CP. Pedigree Database: "Sunny"

Raebark's Fancy Fascination OFA H&E from Nikki & Ryker
Fancy was a beautiful bitch of the kind often said to be 'dripping with type.' She was an amazing producer of progeny who not only had excellent temperament, intelligence, and type, but who in turn also produce excellent temperament, intelligence, and type! Pedigree Database: "Fancy"

Raebark's Ginger Snap. She was a black and cream sable. Pedigree Database: "Raebark's Ginger Snap"

Raebark's Goldilocks, OFA
Goldilocks was a very strikingly beautiful golden sable lady. She was the dam of the outstanding white stud Blizzard. Pedigree Database: "Goldilocks"

Raebark's Hatchett Hitt, OFA H/E.
"Hatchett" was a tan sable daughter of Kitty & Mystery. Pedigree Database: "Hatchett"

Raebark's Icy Hot OFA H&E.
Icy is a daughter of Gambler and Frenzy. She is now retired. Pedigree Database: "Icy"

Raebark's Jeopardee, OFA H&E
"Dee" is a daughter of Onyx & Ryker. Pedigree Database: "Dee"

Raebark's Kerri-Bear, OFA Hips. Pedigree Database: "Kerri-Bear"

Raebark's Magnetic Marta, OFA Good.
"Marta" was a black/tan daughter of Hexe and Saint. Pedigree Database: "Marta"

Raebark's Moonlit Portrait.
"Cameo" was a litter sister to Raebark's Einstein and a daughter of Cobra. She is a silver/black sable female and has produced a number of very high quality silver/black progeny. Pedigree Database: "Cameo"

Raebark's Nifty Nefertiti OFA H&E.
"Nifty" was a black & tan daughter of Nema & CP. She was a laid-back, easy-going girl who was quite aware of who she is! She was a dignified dog! Pedigree Database: "Nifty"

Raebark's Nifty Nyla, OFA H&E
Daughter of Nikki and Ryker. She had and also produced good temperament and type. Pedigree Database: "Raebark's Nifty Nyla"

Raebark's Prophetic Promise, OFA H&E
"Promise" is a black & tan daughter of Bonnie & Ryker, heavy in American show lines. Her progeny have gone on to be good producers in their own right. Pedigree Database: "Promise"

Raebark's Rodeo Wrangler
"Wrangler" was a beautiful silver sable out of Spangler & Leggs (Leggs= Raebark's Dagger Daze - same pedigree as Dee, Carey, & Taser). She had a nice outgoing temperament. Pedigree Database: "Wrangler"

Raebark's Saucy Britches, OFA Hips.
"Saucy" was a longcoated black and tan sable, who liked to make her presence known. Pedigree Database: "Saucy"

"Annie" has been sold and is in a new home. Pedigree Database: "Annie"

Raebark's Silver Priscilla, OFA H&E
"Priscilla" was a daughter of Di & Lewin lines. Pedigree Database: "Priscilla"

Raebark's Silver Spring "Bounce".
She was a silver/black sable sister of Freighter and Flash. Pedigree Database: "Bounce"

Raebark's Silver Twyla Be, OFA hips good.
"Twyla" was a beautiful, very typey daughter of Tappy and Lewin. Pedigree Database: "Twyla"

Raebark's Sound of Music.
"Melody" liked to sing! She was a combination of American show and strong German working bloodlines, to blend correct structure and beauty, and also to add working ability. Pedigree Database: "Melody"

Raebark's Spicy Nutmeg.
"Meg" was enthusiastic red/black sable bitch. Pedigree Database: "Meg"

Raebark's Tapioca Lambkin
"Tappy" was a longcoated silver sable. Pedigree Database: "Tappy"

Raebark's Trendy Wendy
"Wendy" was a daughter of Nema and Waldo with a pedigree heavy in American show lines. Pedigree Database: "Wendy"

Raebark's Valentine Be Mine, "Valentine".
A genuine solid black Valentine's Day girl! Excellent type, movement, intelligence, and trainability. Pedigree Database: "Valentine"

Raebark's Wolf Whisper
"Whisper" was a fairly dark, very pretty silver sable out of Grip and Freighter. She was a laid-back gal who resembled her sire. "Whisper"

Tanzenhexe vom Sahiela OFA H&E.
Hexe, whose name means Dancing Witch and who lived up to it when her first litter was born on a stormy Halloween night, is a substantial black and tan female. She is another in generations of brood bitches who have been excellent mothers and producers. Pedigree Database: "Hexe"


Tumbledown Raebark Furrenzy, OFA Hips.
"Frenzy" was a good looking white with an energetic personality! Pedigree Database: "Frenzy"

Tumbledown Raebark Penny-Ante, OFA Hips.
"Penny" was white with good structure and movement, producing well also. Pedigree Database: "Penny"

Tumbledown Raebark Poizon Ivy, OFA Hips and Elbows.
"Ivy" was a dark colored daughter of Polar and Oreo who carried white. Pedigree Database: "Ivy"