The following studs are in residence at Raebark. Please click on the dog's name to view his picture and pedigree.


Raebark's Braced Humor
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Raebark's Indomitable Domino.

Raebark's Enduring Durango.

Raebark's Bulldozer RA OFA H&E
"Dozer" is a special boy who really does it all. Not only does he produce quality progeny, he also has a Rally Advanced title and works as a service dog.
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Raebark's Caesar Psyche PFA H&E
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Eskendreya of Edan, "Esky". Esky is a son of the 2014 Grand Victor, ACGV Ch. i'm All That Matters of Edan CGC, TDI, RN, OFA, ROM. His pedigree is full of well-known Champion show dogs and ROMs(proven producers of multiple champions).
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Raebark's Freedom Flight.

Raebark's Harry-I.


Raebark's Dealt a Nail OFA
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Raebark's Flimflam
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Raebark's Jigger Jubilee
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Raebark's Legendary Lancer
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Raebark's Luxor.

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Raebark's Rocket Launcher OFA H&E
"Launcher" is a son of Blizzard and Ringer.
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Raebark's Luminary Lion.


Raebark's Rugar Rouser OFA H&E
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Raebark's Steely Dan OFA
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Click here, find the date your bitch was bred, and see when the pups should be expected (based on the 63 day average gestation.) The youngest a puppy can be born and survive is considered to be 58 days. Before then, the lungs are not developed enough. Many litters are born between the 61st and 63rd day. Although 72 days is considered the longest a litter can go before whelping, I personally have had only one litter born after the 63rd day from first mating, a litter of three that was born 65 days after the first mating. It seems that the larger the litter, the greater the likelihood that the pups will be born on the 61st day or earlier. The best precaution to take is to begin familiarizing the bitch to the whelping pen and keeping a close eye on her two weeks before she is due to whelp.

Call Raebark 1-317-984-4439, to inquire about stud service and make arrangements. Proof of current BC and VC (veterinary tests that are given to make sure a bitch is free of these Venereal Diseases before being bred) are required at time of service. Stud fees vary from $500 to $600 depending on the stud used. Stud fees are usually determined by the quality of the dog, his pedigree and bloodlines, and the quality of progeny produced. A young stud just starting out will have a lower fee than one that has proven his ability to produce a high percentage of quality progeny. We only offer dogs for stud that are either good producers, or if too young to have enough progeny to evaluate, are out of parents that have proven to be consistently good producers.