Hi Dr. Clark! I hope all is going well for you. I thought you'd like to know how Lincoln (from the November, 2005 litter of Grip and Freighter) is doing.

I've attached a couple of pictures we took of Lincoln yesterday. I think when he is full grown he is truly going to be a very handsome dog. Linc is about 60 lbs. as he approaches 8 months of age. We are feeding him twice a day Nature's Variety dry kibble mixed with Authority canned food - both very good quality foods.

About a month ago, we completed an 8 week long puppy class. Lincoln and a Rottweiler were voted as the puppies who put in the best efforts. While I don't have any thoughts of getting any kind of obedience titles for Lincoln, we do continue to work with him on the basic commands on a daily basis. He catches on very quickly. We have signed him up for the basic obedience class which will start in late August. He still likes to chew on things that he shouldn't, but compared to several months ago is getting much better about it. He is also a little mouthy with us as well, but that too is lessening. He doesn't do it in an aggressive way; more as a greeting, but we definitely don't want him doing it at all. When he does, we tell him no and walk away. He has taken to the crate with no problems. We keep him out of it as much as possible and only put him in it when no one is at home or at bedtime. The first crate we got for Lincoln was a large Deluxe Vari kennel which was supposed to be a good fit for German Shepherds, but a couple of months ago, we had to get the extra large because he had outgrown the large. He seems really comfortable in the extra large one.

We are giving some thought to possibly getting another long coat, a female, down the road, but if we do, it wouldn't be for another year or so. We'd like Lincoln to get over his "puppy stages".

Best wishes,

Hi Rachel.

I was taking pictures last night and I thought you might like to see how Lewin is doing. He is doing wonderful in his obedience classes. Once we have completed our task, he likes to set and observe everyone else. You were right when you said he likes himself. Everyone comments on how well behaved he is. He is definetly laid back. He keeps his cool at all times. Everyone in class could not believe how relaxed he is. A lady I was talking with said her GSD puppy was so hyper it was hard to get her into class. He reminds me of Don Juan, he likes to think he is a ladies man. I am looking into the AKC organizations in Louisville for additional obedience training and Agility clubs. Here is a current picture of Lewin, taken last week.






I wanted to let you know I am absolutely THRILLED with our newest puppy from you! Of course, it is exactly what I expected as she is what?? the third dog I have gotten from you! No one could ask for better companions or healthier dogs... I am going to have to start thinking of a group discount one of these days as all three of the girls are doing great and still running strong. Tasha is the most beautiful dog you could ever imagine and truly my best friend. Raina has developed now and has become so much prettier than I ever thought. Of course, she decided she loves my son more than me but that is okay. She made a dog lover out of him and I never thought that would happen. Says a lot about the type of dogs you sell. They have the best personalities you could imagine... Skylar, the puppy, is a real hoot! She brings lots of laughter and is getting real solid on her training already.

You better plan on being around for a long long time as I will need dogs from you for a long time to come... If you ever have anyone who really wants to know the "truth" about your dogs, please feel free to give them my email address and I will be more than happy to tell them what REAL German Shepherd Dogs are supposed to be.....they are supposed to be Raebark dogs!

As you remember, I bred Skylar to Click in 2008 and we had a wonderful litter of nine puppies! I kept one beautiful silver sable girl and her name is Willow. As always, the best is at Raebark's!

Thanks again for letting me get dogs from you. They are the brightest spot in my life..


HI Rachel

I just wanted to let you know how much I like my puppy. He was born November 18th 2005. I got him in January of 2006. He is a solid black german shepherd that is very smart. The whole family loves him. He graduated from a beginners puppy class as well as 2 advanced puppy classes. He is now tracking and doing great. He will be getting his TD title very soon. He has the ok from an AKC judge. He is a wonderful watchdog as well as a pet. His name is Raebarks Little Duce Coupe. Like I said before, we all love Duce and would not hesitate to get another puppy from Rachel. Duce is the smartest dog we ever had. He is good with strangers as well as other dogs/puppies.

Thank you Rachel for raising such a nice puppy.


Hi Rachel,

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with Tilly (Matilda Victora von Lynnberg). She is not only exquisitely beautiful and healthy, but insightful, sensitive and highly intelligent. Tilly is sweet and intuitive, very well mannered and eager to please. I have been training her as a personal assistance companion and this spring she saved my life by awakening me to alert me to an emerging life-threatening allergic reaction. Even though she is not yet two years old or yet fully trained, Tilly is now on record with the City as a Service Dog.

Tilly is the second GSD I've purchased from Raebark German Shepherds, and I have been delighted with the temperament, health and appearance of both. We hope to breed Frax's daughter Zelda to a Raebark boy this year.

The veterinarians who have cared for my Raebark dogs through the years have congratulated me on choosing GSDs of such fine quality, and they have always been favorites of their practices.

Rachel R.

Hello Rachael,

My name is Jackie, I purchased my dog from you in October of 2006. I haven't talked to you in a while but I wanted to let you know how Netti is doing. Netti is now 2 years old and is a very beautiful dog. She is very playful and gets along very well with my other shepherd which is a 3 year old male that I rescued at the age of 6 months. Netti is very sweet and loveable, but at the same time she is a wonderful watchdog. She is in great health and loves to play outside especially in the water. She loves to get out in the snow and just run around with Kasey. I have attached some pictures of Netti and Kasey so you can see what a beautiful Shepherd she is. I have recommended you to all of my friends that are looking for a well bread dog. If I were to ever get another Shepherd you would be the only person that I would consider buying another dog from. Netti is very easy to train and I have had a wonderful time with her in the 2 years that I have had her. I look forward to the many joyful years to come with Netti and Kasey. I am very thankful that I found you when I did. Thank you for my WONDERFUL Shepherd.


Dr. Clark,

Here is a picture of Maxx, out of Lewin and Whisper. He is a very handsome dog as well as a gentle giant. All of my friends and family cannot believe his calm and laid back personality.

I thought you would like to see one of your offspring! Maxx finished his basic obedience class in March and will begin Competitive Obedience training this month. He is very bright and eager to learn. Hope you enjoyed seeing him as he is today!

Toby Spreitzer
I just wanted to email you some pictures of Heinz our Silver sable pup we purchased back in October. He is growing soo fast and is by far the best dog I have ever seen! He is loving, smart, energetic, and so many others!! We could not be happier with our choice he is truly awesome! Here are some pictures of him.

G. Hilliard


Just wanted to tell you I have recommended you to an associate from work. She is looking for a nice shepherd. Our Max is growing like a weed and is absolutely beautiful. He has a great personality and is getting his Shepherd bark. He alerts us now when guests arrive. His best friend is our Pug and the two play together all day long. Here he is lounging around waiting to be served. Not spoiled or anything, is he!? Wish we had room for a couple more! We are really thrilled with our shepherd from you!



Sending you a picture of Luke. Thank you so much for all the help you gave me to get me through the rough spot with him. Your guidance and advice was invaluable and saved our relationship. He has become an integral part of my life and I can't imagine him not being here. He goes everywhere with me now. He is still a bit apprehensive about the car but we are working on it together. A million thanks for all the help and for Luke.



Just to refresh your memory a bit, I am the guy whose puppy was driving him crazy with the crying and shenanigans. There aren't words that can be spoken to describe my level of gratitude to you guys for helping me help Luke adjust. He is wonderful and turned out to be my best friend ever. I have fallen off the face of the Earth with my dog! He is just wonderful. I have taken the back seats out of my Jeep Wrangler and installed a memory foam mattress for my guy to ride on and he likes it...... a lot. We go everywhere together.

I hope that you can sense the level of satisfaction and contentment that I have achieved in my life due to a four-legged friend named Luke. Thanks a million!

Wayne Logsdon


Wanted you to see the three "kids" we got from you. As you can see, Prancer, Zoey and Onyx are doing just great and we could not have a better bunch. They are quite spoiled and we love them dearly. Thank you so much for having such wonderful dogs available.




Kilo is now 19 weeks and we LOVE him. He has a wonderful temperament and is adjusting nicely. We wanted to say thank you for all your advice and we appreciate when you talk with us on issues we are having. Attached is a current picture of him. We are currently looking into classes for him and will update you soon on our progress with Kilo.

Kerry and Beth Ann Grass


Dear Rachel,

I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Axel, born March 18, 2010, and tell you how madly in love we are with him! He is so handsome and strangers often approach to tell us so. He is smart and has a delightful personality. He is such a helper around the house. He loves a project and always has his nose involved in everything we do! He has become a wonderful watch dog, yet very loving and playful. He has brought so much joy and laughter into our home. He has completed puppy and intermediate training and we will continue to practice what we've learned and probably take advance training in the spring.

Merry Christmas to you ~ the new pups on the website are adorable!

Best wishes,
Kim, Kevin & Axel Montgomery


Rachel, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and let you know how Unatsi is doing. His name means snow in Cherokee and is pronounced oo-nah-gee. I have been nothing but impressed by the intelligence of this dog. I honestly believe he is smarter than some of the professors Ive had IUPUI..(Well at least more interesting and entertaining). He has an awesome temperament and has been very easy to train simple commands like sit, lay down and stay. He has been very easy to walk and obeys very well for a puppy. He has been excellent with my girlfriend's yorkie and adores her two girls. He is on the road to being fully house broken and currently has a nine day streak of no accidents.He has recently learned how to open doors and uses this new tool in his arsenal to steal socks. He has a great sense of humor and is a bit of a smart aleck but I love that about him. Friends and family have been very impressed as well with his overall demeanor and easy going attitude. We are starting obedience classes in a couple of weeks and I can't wait. I believe he will do very well. Once again thank you for taking three hours out of your day to answer all our questions and help us select the right dog. I will highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a great shepherd. I attached some pics of Unatsi from three weeks ago.

Brandon and Samantha


Hi there!

This is Devin . I bought a little girl puppy out of Wizard and Goldilocks around September of '09. I've spoken with Mikki a couple times since bringing Willow home. She has been a really great dog, but I'm glad she's almost 2 and we're gradually getting out of crazy-puppy stage! Her only problem is that we're still dealing with the attack that happened (to her) at the dog park about a year ago. She isn't crazy about other dogs but we're continuing to work on that. We've never ever had a single problem with another human being, though. She's fabulous with our kids, and loves other people so much that I'm afraid she may lick an intruder instead of defending us! ha! Our longtime vet says she is the most beautiful shepherd he has ever seen and wanted to keep her for himself!

Anyway, my dad took a picture of her about a month ago and I just think it's so pretty! Looking at the picture of Goldilocks online, I think Willow looks just like her mama! I am also sending one of her from when she was just a baby. The baby was enjoying Willow's bone so much and don't you just love the expression on Willow's face? You can tell even then she really loved the kids! It's a good think I picked the apple and peanut butter bone instead of the liver one though!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Dear Rachel,

Attached is a picture of Bach, the puppy we got from you. He is such a beautiful little guy and is growing so fast. In just the four weeks we have had him, he has gone from twenty pounds to thirty pounds! He is learning really fast and we are having a lot of fun with him. We will certainly keep in touch and send pictures of him in the future. He is such a cutie-patootie! Thanks so much for him.




We wanted to email you some pictures of Justice from Click and Priscilla. She is a beautiful silver sable color and we constantly get complements from people on how gorgeous she is. We are constantly asked where we got her and of course we recommend them to you. She has been such a wonderful puppy with a great temperament. She knows all her simple commands in German and in English, and was quick to potty train. She has been such a pleasure to have, and we can't wait to see how much more we can teach her. She has also provided our other dog with a unbreakable friendship and we couldn't be more thankful for that gift as well.

Take care and thank you,
Kent and Shana


I just wanted to let you know how Sadie is doing. My girlfriend and I moved down to Florida at the first of the year. She is becoming a well traveled girl. She goes everywhere with us even if its just to go get more gas for the car. We have yet to take her to one of the dog beaches around us but plan to take a trip to one very soon. Heath wise she is doing great! We took her to the vet for her yearly shots and check-up and when the vet started feeling her, she asked how we are able to get Sadie to look the way she does. I joked and said because she eats better than us. She gets blue buffalo, chicken and rice and lots of exercise. She runs along side me while I am riding my bike about 2 or 3 times a week and we go to the dog park almost every day. One thing the vet said is that she could be a little thin still. Sadie is 25" tall and 68lbs. She gets 5 cups of food a day. What do you think? We think she looks great and are thrilled with her!



Hii! Don't know if you remember me, but my name's Emily. My boyfriend and I purchased our puppy, Marley, back in September last year. He just turned a year old on the 17th of August! Just wanted to say thank you again, and I included some pictures of him. He's the best thing that's ever happened to us. He's just so amazing! He turned out to be very loving and kind, and gets along with our four cats. It's quite funny because Marley and our munchkin cat have become best friends! They love each other so much. Marley's doing great and he never leaves our side. He turned out a lot fluffier than we expected and we love it. He's so wonderful. He really loves to find sticks outside and leave them by our front door; it's like his little collection. He also knows exactly where we're going everytime we say "Petsmart!" Whenever we do say it, he tilts his head and gets extremely excited and starts running around in circles - haha! Once again, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and thank you SO much for this wonderful blessing in our life!

Emily Shroyer


We have one of your white female puppies, Kit (Raebark's Blizzard Blitz x Regalwise Raebark Ringleader, born 4/24/11).

I just wanted to let you know, now that she's 2 years old, we had our vet x-ray her hips. He said, "She has great hips!" and I wanted you to know that she was going to be able to continue her sheep/duck herding career.

I'm including a few pictures of Kit at the November 2012 clinic; she was 18 months old then. Kit was just starting her herding career, and the clinician started her in a small, round pen. She 'turned on' right away and brought the sheep to me. Her herding instinct clicked on in her head the first time she was on sheep. Now we need to guide her to the actions I want her to have, to help her become my herding partner. Our clinician is very happy with Kit and her instinct; we've worked hard on teaching Kit to listen to me, and respect me, not run onto the field and chase the sheep because she thinks it's fun.

We love both of the dogs we got from you, and couldn't be happier with their personalities, their love, their bid-ability, and their intelligence. Thank you for letting us adopt them both!

Kathy McGuire

Hi Mikki,

Just wanted to touch base with you about Talon. He just turned 4 months old a few days ago, he is up to 38 lbs. He has had most of his shots and has settled into life well.

We hired a private trainer to come to the house when he was 11 weeks old to work with us, the trainer was just amazed at how SMART he is, when he is training he is so focused and determined. He can sit and short stay, recall with wait command, random down, heeling , and we are working on Fronting him from this weeks lesson. There are numerous other things he has conquered along with us. We just had our last session with him this past Thursday. Talon will be starting a class this Wednesday with other dogs. He is sometimes too smart for his own good, as soon as we figure out how to beat him at something, he refigures a new strategy.

My Husband Dave takes him to work with him each morning at one of our local high schools. Dave works school security during the school day. Talon has a kennel there and has made many many friends.

I will keep you updated on the class he is about to start.

Dave and Lee Ann Rafter
Terre Haute, IN

We adopted a German Shepherd puppy from you in October and wanted to send you a picture of our Gypsy! She is amazing -- ?lots of energy and still a puppy, but smart and easily trainable. She is wonderful with our boys, ages 8 and 9. We love her so much and she has completed our family. Thank you again for providing us with a wonderful family companion! She is approximately 60 lbs. and very snuggly.

Thank you so much,
Tom, Harley, Will and Luke Barta


I just felt compelled to write you about Asher. We got him from you about a year ago, and he's really the best dog I've ever had! We take him most places we go, and he's never met a person he didn't like when we're out. He's very well mannered and enjoys playing with his 3 year old cairn terrier roomy, along with anyone giving him attention. You told us he would be a family dog, and he sure is. My oldest son loves doing scent work with him, too (Asher loves to work). My wife's family raised GSDs when she was little, and she says he's her favorite dog ever, too. We just really love him! He's also very protective with the pack when we have a visitor at the door, but accepts them in as soon as we do. We're so happy with him, we've considered getting another from you. The only problem is, we're afraid we won't be able to give Asher enough attention if we do. Thanks again!
The Suddarth family

Dear Rachel,

I adopted a puppy from you on December 9, 2014. She is an amazing dog with a wonderful temperament. We get so many compliments about how she is the most beautiful shepherd that people have ever seen. She is a perfect addition to our family and we want to thank you for her and we will recommend you to anyone that is looking for a German Shepherd.

Amber Witherow and Nathan Haskins

Rachel and Mikki,

We thought you might enjoy seeing Dutch at 6 months. He is happy, healthy, and showing signs of intelligence (some days more than others) and is a wonderful addition to our family. Please feel free to share this with any potential clients as a testimonial. We couldn't be any more pleased!

Thank you,
Alice Boltz

My husband and I got Ruger from you towards the end of October 2018. He is the offspring of Domino and Vixen. We couldnt be happier with the dog he has become. We also got Beau who is the offspring of Launcher and Stripe. Beau will be 1 on November 23rd. These two are the best of friends and hate going anywhere without the other. My husband grew up with Shepherds his whole life but these are my first and I can honestly say they are an extremely smart and loyal breed of dog. Rachel is very honest and informs the potential owner of everything they need to know about the puppy. We dont have any plans on adding to our family anymore in the near future but when the time comes we will be coming back to her. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for selling me these two boys who absolutely completed our family. Ruger and Beau are mommas boys and I know they will keep me protected for many years to come.

Thank you so much,
Eric and Jessica Cross

Dr. Clark, Just wanted to touch base & let you know how pleased we are with our Mozi (last male pup from Caesar Psyche & Artistic A-Flair's October 4, 2018 litter). He is such a loving & devoted dog and a good playmate for the nearly 4 year old female (Tanner) we got from you in February, 2016.

The pictures were taken when Mozi was 9 months (laying down) & 11 months. When we last weighed him at 11 months he was 75 lbs. As you can see he is a handsome boy!

Although weve had (10) german shepherds since 1976, Mozi is our first male. Once we got over our house-breaking challenges in January & February, hes been a great addition to our family. He sure is a mellow fellow!

Thanks for your guidance in choosing our first male pup. He is a treasure,

Don & Sue White